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1993 - Current
The first Viewt was introduced in January 1993 and was produced on the basis of the K11 Nissan Micra The Micra's hatchback was replaced by a fixed rear window and rounded boot, and the front grille and headlamp assembly was replaced by one closely resembling that of the Jaguar Mark II. In standard form the interior was much the same as the Micra's, but leather seats and wood trim could be added at extra cost. There was also the rare 5 door hatchback version, which shares the Jaguar mark II front but with a very useable hatchback rear. The Viewt shared its 1.0- and 1.3-litre engines with the Micra. It was originally available with manual or automatic transmissions; later more luxurious editions were automatic only. Changes to the Micra were usually echoed in the Viewt; for example when the Micra received a new dashboard the Viewt had it too, with a new wood kit.