MODELS: Below are the current models available in the UK


Le Seyde




Ray 1

Ray 2



Enjoy the car. It is not enjoying themselves? While fondling engine run. Just rub it to be a happy feeling. That's one car, one, with the value of the car as I have. Alone, a pleasure to meet people who exist only because the car is good. Somewhere to go, but it is intended to run there will be a good car. Run from it is immersive, show scenes from the drivers seat, the sound coming to be honest. The car only悦びhave entirely different. Hyundai cars are put what has gone adaptations, "Dore (DURA)." This car is the name of defiance, 5000 cc, big size, full-open, classic style. Others寄せつけないunconvincing even to the presence of a person unless it is not a hapless woman.豊潤なるtime that the driver of the great愉悦, is that if Dore. Free himself for a leisurely fashion, and凛とlive with the men, running innocently to Dore. Dore is the lead car to the exultation.